Keyless Smart Entry System

Enjoy easy access and superior security with our Keyless Smart Entry self storage units!

Simple, Easy, Quick!

Using Our Keyless Smart Entry System:

  • Tap a button in the app to open the gate
  • Walk to your self storage unit with your phone
  • Your Keyless latch will have a red light if locked, a green light if unlocked
  • Push a button in the app to lock or unlock your unit
  • Say goodbye to keys, codes, and combinations!

Security and Convenience

Some of our self storage units are equipped with the high-tech Keyless Smart Entry System!

At Westward Storage, we know that security and convenience are vital! We’ve equipped some of our quality self storage units with the Keyless Smart Entry System to make accessing your unit easier without making it any less secure.

Don’t worry about carrying around a key or memorizing a gate code! Keyless locks work with an app on your smartphone, opening the gate or unlocking your self storage unit with the press of a button. This means you won’t have to worry about forgetting your lock combination or having a key stolen.

Not all of our units have Keyless Entry, so if you’re interested in a smart-lock unit, get in touch or start renting today!

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