Keyless Smart Entry System

Enjoy easy access and superior security with our Keyless Smart Entry self storage units!

Simple, Easy, Quick!

Using Our Keyless Smart Entry System:

  • Tap a button in the app to open the gate
  • Walk to your self storage unit with your phone
  • Your Keyless latch will have a red light if locked, a green light if unlocked
  • Push a button in the app to lock or unlock your unit
  • Say goodbye to keys, codes, and combinations!

Security and Convenience

Some of our self storage units are equipped with the high-tech Keyless Smart Entry System!

At Westward Storage, we know that security and convenience are vital! We’ve equipped some of our quality self storage units with the Keyless Smart Entry System to make accessing your unit easier without making it any less secure.

Don’t worry about carrying around a key or memorizing a gate code! Keyless locks work with an app on your smartphone, opening the gate or unlocking your self storage unit with the press of a button. This means you won’t have to worry about forgetting your lock combination or having a key stolen.

Not all of our units have Keyless Entry, so if you’re interested in a smart-lock unit, get in touch or start renting today!

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What is Keyless Entry?

The keyless locks we use are proud to be the best Bluetooth lock in the self-storage industry.

By offering the Keyless lock system, we have allowed our tenants to enter the facility by using their smartphone (rather than a gate code) and also get notifications if the lock is tampered with or broken into.

How do I access my unit? Does the app need my location?

Tap the LED light on the smart lock to “wake” it. Open the Storage Smart Entry app on your smartphone. Note: You will need WIFI or cellular signal to authenticate upon opening the app. Once the smart lock is “awake,” the unit icon on your app will highlight. Tap the highlighted icon to open the door or entry point.

Using location (while the app is being used) is a safety feature built into the app to make sure you are at the facility before the app allows your unit to be opened. Make sure you have Location enabled while using the app.

Can I still use padlocks after Bluetooth locks are installed? What if the lock breaks?

No, physical padlocks are not needed and cannot be used with the the Bluetooth lock system.

Our keyless entry system uses all encrypted passcodes on the backend and has been cyber security tested by ethical hackers and has continually passed with flying colors. In addition, if someone tries to break the latch with a hammer or something the system is fail secure so they still would not be able to get into the unit.

How do I share my digital access?

Click on the plus sign in the top right-hand corner of your Storage Smart Entry app and select “Share Unit.”

Type in the cell phone number of the person you would like to share the key to and select the unit or entry point that you’d like them to get access to. Note: You can revoke access at any time.

Will Westward Storage staff have access to my unit since there is no physical padlock?

Personnel can only get into units that go into an auction status due to extended lack of payment as outlined in the lease agreement. Even if the unit is in an overlock status, site staff cannot get into rented units for liability purposes. .

What Happens if Westward Storage Loses power?

Our keyless smart locks are always running on battery units. This means the tenant's belongings are going to sit safe and secured even in the event of power failure. The unit is still going to be armed and recording data, which will be reported back to the smart system once the network is back online.

What if I do not have a smartphone?

For any tenants that do not have smartphones, you can buy a blue tooth key fob for a nominal price (tbd). It’s an extremely simple key chain programmed to the entry points and their unit that can open the unit simply by pressing it.

What happens if I get a new phone?

Add the Storage Smart Entry mobile app to another device by downloading the app to the other smart device by visiting the app store. Then you will sign-in with your mobile number or email, then enter in your same password as before.

What are the steps I need to take to download the APP?

1. Click the link in the automated text message to download the Storage Smart entry app and log in.

2. Log in using your phone number as your username, and the 6-digit PIN number provided as your temporary password. 

3. After logging in, the app will prompt you to create a new password of your own.

4. Select “OK” twice when prompted to allow the Storage Smart Entry app to access both Bluetooth and Location Services on your device. Note: Bluetooth must be turned on in your smartphone’s settings in order to access your unit.