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do you need storage for your business?

Record Storage

  • Your business needs to store records that contain important information regarding your operation, your employees and your customers. Instead of leaving these important items in your office or store, bring them to us. Your important information will be safe and protected, and you will be able to access your records when you need them.

Inventory Storage

  • When your business has excess inventory, don’t let it clutter up your store or office. We have the perfect solution for you. Store your inventory with us, and it will be kept in a safe unit with an on-site manager and night patrolled security watches.

Use Self Storage for Expansion

  • One of the most cost effective ways of expanding your business is not to get a bigger place, it’s storing your unused item in a self storage unit. 

Tool Storage

  • Many people have a large collection of tools, but lack the necessary storage. Your tools are an investment and should be kept in a convenient, safe place. Place your tools in one of our secure self-storage units. You can access them when you need them and know they are guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Office Storage

  • Do you have office items that need to be stored, but are lacking safe, usable space? Bring your office furniture, computer desks, monitors, fax machines, copiers, scanners, boxes, conference tables and office supplies to us. We can keep all your office supplies stored in a safe unit away from the damaging extreme heat or cold of attic or basement storage. Regain the space you need for doing business! 
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